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> This is already a second time it happens to me. I suppose it may have 
> happened to other DX4WIN users: I had two QSOs with 3b7a on 14 and 18 MHz 
> today. I just forgot to save log after these QSOs, and continued listening 
> other bands. Then, there was a spot for 3b7a on 28 MHz, I clicked on it and 
> did not hear anything. After this, I wanted to close DX4WIN to open Fldigi 
> and got a message asking me do I want to save QSO. In a hurry, I said NO and 
> DX4WIN closed without saving the previous 14 and 18 MHz 3b7a QSOs! When I 
> realised what happened, it was too late!
> I know, it is too much to ask for automatic backup of the whole (large) log, 
> but it would be great to be able to automatically backup and store few QSOs 
> that have been entered after the last log saving!

DX4WIN already has this feature!  Look for the word "Modified" in the
top of main DX4WIN window after you log a QSO.  Timer starts.  For the
first two minutes, the timer is RED and the QSOs are not saved yet.
After two minutes, the word "Modified" turns BLACK and the new QSOs
are saved in a temporary log file.

In your DX4W### (i.e. DX4W805 or DX4W903) directory -- NOT the SAVE
directory), there should be a couple of files with names like:


These are the backup files created when the log has not been saved for
the last two minutes (120 seconds).  See if those files are there.
You will have to copy or renamem them to .DXL so DX4WIN can open them.
They *may* have your missing QSOs.

Also see:  http://dx4win.ad1c.us/appnotes/backup.html

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreis...@alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us
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