I tried to start DX4WIN this evening and it failed to start.  A box popped
up saying  "An error occurred in the application" giving me three options
which are continue application, restart application and close application.
  It also indicates that a bug report is available.   That bug report is a
text file in the DX4WIN file folder.

I opened the bug report file and one line in it says that the Exception
Class is  EInOutError  and that the Exception Message is as follows:
Access violation at address 006BC143 in module 'dx4win.exe'. Read of
address 00000000

I can send the bug report file to Paul or ????.   PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I need some advice.  Is there a cure or should I reinstall dX4WIN  v9.03.
I have my license key file saved and all of my logs are saved in the cloud
so no problem there.

Jerry N9AW
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