Hello everyone!


I just upgraded to version 9 and have a question about WPX award alerting in
the DX spots window. I set File/Awards/WPX to show ONLY 12 meters as an
award band (I have endorsements for the other bands). But in the DX spots
window, I get red lettered spots for 30 and 17 meters. Until..


If I go back into File/Awards/WPX, I still see only 12 meters checked for
award bands. When I hit OK, the spots that were previously red in the DX
spots window are no longer red. They become green bars.


Anyone know what else I need to do? Again, I don't change anything in
File/Awards/WPX, I simply press OK and everything changes to the way I want
it (no red spots for bands other than 12 meters). Thanks!


73, Joe KQ3F

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