Hi all,

I have identified in my computer backup log files from 20 years ago(!) when, 
being a teenager with a modest station, I often operated from friends’ QTHs. 
Some of these logs have been created with DX4Win.

I have tried to open the logs in .dxl format with the current demo version of 
DX4Win, but I’m under the strong impression that the data has either been 
corrupted or that there's a version conflict. Indeed, those logs have a lot of 
activity recorded on 12m, which is not a band that I recall using. (As a matter 
of fact, I can’t even remember if my novice licence entitled me to operate on 
12m then). I have, however, a vivid recollection of operating often on 10m, 
which is most likely where I made those QSOs.  Also, I am tempted to rule out 
human error at the time of logging as there are three files presenting the same 
issue.  Has any of you faced a similar issue in the past and, if so, how have 
you resolved it?

Thank you in advance for any help!

73 de Phil - PT2FM

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