To Paul and the group,


I continue to have problems with dupes being created when importing digital
QSOs from WSJT-X.  It appears that DX4WIN uses the QSO Begin time when all
other logging programs, including N1MM, use the QSO End time.  The Log4OM2
website states that in the UK amateur regulations require that the QSO end
time be used.


Here is how dupes are created:


After making over 600 Qs in the ARRL VHF test over the weekend, I imported
all 600 from N1MM into DX4WIN (using Jim's ADIF to DX4WIN Conversion app).
All 600 showed up in DX4WIN and I then did an upload to LOTW.  This morning
I made a few more FT8 QSOs and imported the WSJT-X ADIF file directly into
DX4WIN (which I have done hundreds of times).  Much to my dismay, a bunch of
dupes were created.  I made about 120 digital QSOs in the VHF contest.
During the contest, when a digital contact is made, WSJT-X broadcasts the
QSO to N1MM and then save the contact in its own ADIF file.  When the QSO is
imported into N1MM, it used the QSO End time for each QSO's time.


When I imported the WSJT-X ADIF file this morning, DX4WIN used the QSO Begin
time when saving each QSO.  By the way, I have always kept all of my
previous digital QSOs in WSJT-X.  I never delete them.  So the QSOs that I
made yesterday were imported into DX4WIN today, but most were ignored
because they all showed the same QSO time.  The QSO Begin and End times will
often be in sync when a digital mode is completed quickly without any
repeats.  But we all know that it can sometimes take several minutes for a
QSO to complete.  There have been times when I finally get a RR73 from the
other station that are 10 to 15 minutes after the original start time.  I
know that a  few times yesterday due to QSB or QRM conditions on 6 meters.


Two questions for the group:


1.      Would Paul be willing to change the import map for ADIF files so
that DX4WIN uses the QSO End time - which is the apparent standard?
2.      If Paul is not willing to do that, is there a way for the user to
change the import mapping - so that I can do that myself?


I might add that these dupes due to time differences become an ongoing issue
with LOTW.  Now that I uploaded all of the 600 QSOs that I imported from
N1MM (using the QSO end time), I will now have an issue with any QSOs that
get imported into DX4WIN directly from WSJT-X - if the beginning and end
time would vary significantly (more than a minute).  So this will cause
duplicate QSOs to be uploaded to LOTW - which I try to avoid.


The other option is the manually edit the WSJT-X ADIF file to make the
beginning and end times the same so that the next time that I import that
file, it will not create duplicates.  This also requires that I delete the
duplicates that were already created in DX4WIN due to the time discrepancy.


The best solution would be the change the import mapping in DX4WIN so that
it uses the QSO End time.  Can anyone help me with that?


In the meantime, I have to spend this afternoon finding all the dupes that
were created this morning!


Thank you.




Dave, N4QS





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