So far I've 327 unique JA stations on 80m so I'd like to know if I'm entitled to this award on 80. The question is:

Does anybody know how to download a LOTW report filtering only JA on 80 meters? I know that there is a query filtering the "Most Recent QSLs", however, I couldn't figure out how to download an ADIF file from that query.

Thanks in advance.

73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar

On 6/15/2020 5:44 PM, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
Has anyone figured out a way to track Japan prefectures and cities in
DX4WIN similar to US States and Counties? The LOTW report has both of
these in the STATE and CNTY lines but they seem to get thrown out in the
"Confirm LOTW using ADIF file" process. As an alternative is there a way
to load the Prefecture and City into the "Notes for this Call" field?

Scott, there are several Custom Awards in DX4WIN for tracking these.  You
will have to update the QSOs manually from the LoTW report.

awdname=Japanese Prefectures
; sponsor: Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL)
; start: 1952/07/29
; url:

awdname=Japan Century Cities
; sponsor: Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL)
; "*" denotes deleted cities
; url:

awdname=Japan Century Guns
; sponsor: Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL)
; "*" denotes deleted guns
; url:

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