Like you guys, I do a monthly (or after a contest) upload to LoTW,
QRZ.COM, ClubLog, and eQSL. All goes well. I am not a real eQSL user
but do my uploads for those who may desire my NV cfm thru eQSL.

After reading this I decided to try to download my eQSL confirmations
from the eQSL website to my DX4WIN file. All seemed to go well (I had
to convert their file to an adi file for DX4WIN to accept). But after
the download using eQSL>confirm eQSL using ADIF file the download the
eQSL cfm flag had changed to Y for every QSO in my log, even some made
just a hour ago. I knew this could not be correct so I exited from
DX4WIN without saving so the eQSL upload. I don't know what I did
wrong uploading the eQSL website adi file to DX4WIN to make the eQSL
CFM flag go to Y for each and every QSO. I am not concerned as I said
I am not a eQSL user, I was just curious of how it would work.

Alan Zack
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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> Once a month I upload my ADIF to LoTW, QRZ and ClubLog and I do it
> the same way.
> I create a filter with F8 and in the Upload Date field of LoTW I put
> 01-01-1901
> Then in the LoTW menu in Set LoTW upload Flag I put YES, OK Then
> Export To LoTW active filter I say OK and uncheck with AND the 
> contacts.
> So far, everything has gone well, but when I registered in E-QSL,
> question is, would that same file be used to upload it to E-QSL too?
> Or do I have to generate another one with the same filter in the 
> Upload date field of e-QSL?

Hola Luc,

There is an easier way.

In the QSO Window, LoTW | Export to LoTW.  This function uses the LoTW
and Upload Date fields in the logbook to remember all the QSOs you
have already submitted to LoTW in the past, and creates a new ADIF
file containing only the NEW QSOs since the last export.  You can then
upload this same file to *both* LoTW and eQSL (and QRZ and HRDlog if
you so choose).  There is no filtering involved, as long as all your
old QSOs have already been marked as uploaded to LoTW.

This same flow applies using eQSL | Export to eQSL, but I never do
this, because the same ADIF file for LoTW can be used for eQSL.

This is an old application note, but most of it still applies:

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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