I just want to throw in that if you discovered the mistake before you saved the 
log you can exit without saving and the Y will be gone when you reopen DX4WIN. 
In other words the log will reopen to how it was before you made the changes 
but did not save the changes. A warning will come up when you attempt to exit 
telling you the log has been modified and do you want to save the changes. You 
would click NO and the log is saved to as it was before you made the change. In 
your situation you would need to import the N1MM contest log again without 
having it set the labels to Y. But that might be easier than setting dates, etc.

When I import a contest log or do other stuff to my log like LoTW stuff I 
always go to FILE>SAVE AS and right click my dxl file and send it to a USB 
thumb drive. Then if I mess up my contest import I can always go back to where 
I was before by reloading my saved .dxl file rather than using the new modified 
.dxl file that I made a mistake to.

Alan Zack
Amateur Radio Station K7ACZ
Official USCG Auxiliary Comm Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Delta Rocket Quality Engineer, The Boeing Company, Retired
Aviation Chief Warrant Officer,  U.S. Coast Guard, Retired
http://gocoastguard.comY will be gone 

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First of all you need to select these QSOs. I assume that these are between 2 

So go to file>preferences>QSO and be sure  that in QSO Date you have "Range". 
This allows you to select QSOs between 2 dates. Save and exit

Then press F8 and write the 1st date. Enter and write the 2nd date

Now you have selected the QSOs you want to clear label flags.

Go to QSO window QSLs>Clear QSL Label flag

You will have been asked if you want the filter, you need to say yes.

That's it

73 de Kostas SV1DPI
(Member of SZ1A team)

Στις 22/5/2020 2:12 π.μ., ο Wayne Rogers έγραψε:
> OK - I screwed up.  I unwittingly loaded a bunch (like 1600) of 
> contest QSOs from N1MM into DX4WIN but I had the "set Label to Yes"
> set. So now I need to un-set the flag.  I think I need to create a 
> group of the 1600 QSO's and then un-set the flag?  I haven't been able 
> to find where the guidance is to do this.
> Can someone point me in the right direction?  Thanks.
> Wayne N1WR
> White Stone VA

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