NICE!  Thanks Jim, this makes the needed grids stand out more.

Mike Cizek W0VTT 
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Subject: [Dx4win] Create VUCC Map from DX4WIN Award Listing (6/23

I uploaded a new version of the "Create VUCC Map from DX4WIN Award
Listing" program:  - documentation etc.  (not updated)

You can find my original message here:

This is what the default output now looks like:

The program looks slightly different.  Here are the main changes:

* Removed Output selection.  The .csv file from the DX4WIN Listing can
now be anywhere, but you'll still have to navigate to find it

* Fixed a bug if the listing uses Frequency instead of Band.  This
would happen if the "Show band in MHz" box is checked on the QSO tab
of your DX4WIN preferences.  As a side-effect of this, I had to remove
support for the 4cm (70MHz) band.  If you need this, let me know.

* Added two new check boxes:

  1.  Needed/worked (default = checked).  When checked, the output
will have darker NEEDED grids and lighter CONFIRMED/CHECKED grids.
This will emphasize the grids you need to work, instead of the ones
you have already confirmed.

  2.  C=S=* (default = checked).  When checked, grids that are
confirmed will be the same color as grids that are checked.  In other
words, there are only three different colors: unworked, worked and

I also found a way to move the individual fields (10x10) to be
adjacent to each other, without gaps.

I renamed the "Field" field to be "LL Field", meaning Lower-left
Field.  This is how you specify what geographical area you want the
output to cover.  It can be a 2-letter field or up to a 6-digit grid,
but only the first two letters of the field matter.

I fixed a couple of other things that would cause the program to crash.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think.  One thing I
would like to do, but is a bit of work, is to save the check box and
print format settings.  So the next time you run the program, you will
get the same settings as the last time.  I could potentially save the
LL Field as well.

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,
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