Thanks Bert
I can generate a log for tlhel group and import te adif file, allows luse of 
the reports.  It wold be nice if we could save these minor files directly.
Arne N7KA

>     On 06/30/2020 9:58 AM Bert Garcia <> wrote:
>     Arne -- To generate a log file of QSOs for a group, do an F8 search on 
> the group number and export the file.  If you're not familiar with F8, do 
> this:  
>     In the QSO window select Filter > Search > type the group number and hit 
> Enter key.  You now have a log of all QSOs with that group number.  
>     Now, export the file with File > Import/Export > File > Export > enter 
> file name and location > Save > Yes > OK.  You now have saved an ADIF file of 
> the group QSOs.
>     Close the Import/Export window.  In the QSO window select Filter > Cancel 
> Filter and you now have your entire log back in DX4WIN.
>     Bert N8NN
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