Just a short reminder of our regular weekly brodcasts on Tuesdays. Marconi
Radio International will once again be on air today 18 October 2016, as

*17.00-21.00 UTC on 7700 kHz (USB Mode) with 100 watts. Please note that
this schedule remains vaild until the end of October 2016.*

MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of
our broadcasts are welcome! We QSL 100%. Our electronic mail address is:
marconiradiointernational (at) gmail.com - Please don’t forget to include
your postal address as some lucky listeners will also receive a fresh off
the press QSL card which can be seen on our Facebook page at this
web-address: https://www.facebook.com/mriworld

Last but not least, we need your help! If you are a DX blogger, or use
social networks, please post an announcement on your own blog and/or
Facebook or send out a tweet the day before the broadcast. You can also
forward this message to a friend. This should help increase our potential

We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.

Best 73's

Marconi Radio International (MRI)

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