You can now find the latest DXpedition report from Aihkiniemi, in the Finnish Lapland, online at

We heard many rare stations from the Pacific, including Radio Tuvalu (621 AM), never before heard in Finland. Also Gold FM from Fiji (990 AM) and V6AH from Micronesia (1449 AM) were identified. A couple of good mornings to Latin America resulted in a major load of stations from Argentina and Brazil, and North American stations were picked up every day during the two-week DXpedition. In the report you can also enjoy photos of aurora borealis, the northern lights, for which Lapland is an ideal travel destination.

The AIH72 and AIH76 DXpeditions have so far resulted in at least a couple of radio interviews and these two news articles:

This past week the website saw a major update and overhaul. DXpeditions are now more prominently displayed on, because they are the most popular part of the website. The Community (discussion forum) has now been replaced with a Facebook group. If you are interested in AM broadcast band DXing, you're most welcome to join the group at

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