The latest Aihkiniemi DXpedition report is now online! Come and see what Arctic AM DXing can be at its best. Here's a detailed journal of what we heard and did on DXpedition AIH88 in the Finnish Lapland. The Chinese do have it right, 88 is indeed a lucky number. The DXpedition began with a stunning opening to New Zealand. Several stations were heard from Dunedin (16,700 km from Aihkiniemi) and Invercargill (16,677 km away), which are the most distant AM stations from our QTH that exist. AIH88 continued with very good conditions to North America, so we have loads of recordings to go through. Since this time we were not joined by any TV news group reporting about DXing, we made a couple of videos ourselves, and they are linked to the report. And even if you wouldn't be very interested in AM DXing, I've included a bunch of shots of aurora borealis:

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