Not much pirate radio music stations on air here in Greece/Balkan/Europe at
0430 UT.

1611.010 kHz weak Greek mx stn, S=7-8
1637.977 kHz Greek mx, S=7-8
1649.396 unstable fq, Greek folk mx, S=9+15dB
1650.003 Greek singer, few TX breaks in between, 0428 UT
1659.997 hard pop rock mx, scratching unclean audio S=7-8

and some Greek fishery people spoken traffic:
1690even kHz and 1705.656 kHz

Nothing heard on 1730 kHz to 1800 kHz range here in Europe.
73 wb  df5sx

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1.730.2 Checagem de 02:50 UTC Eu não tenho mais nada aqui. E 1.746.5 maybe
very poor carrier.
RX: Yaesu FRG 8800 Antena: DS SWL DL, Daniel Wyllyans
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