GM Eric,

I just rcvd an email from Ed AB4IQ that stated:

Joe, the Dell Machine that works is an I5 instead of the I7.  The non-working 
machine is a Dell I7.  Both machines are running the same version of Win 10 Pro 
and both are 64 bit systems and each have 8gb of ram.  Both machines are Dell 
Inspiron and are around 2 years old.  
Ed.. AB4IQ

Strange that the Dell Insprion I5 WILL WORK all ok - but the Dell Inspiron I7 


 Eric - maybe you and Earl can email each other with the help you are offering 
-- Big-Time THANKS!!!!

73 Joe wa6axe

Joseph Glockner



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Hi Joe,
Eric, W4DXX here.  
I am successfully running WSJT-X for FT8 using the Bridge into Dxbase 2007 
using Microham USB Router and a Digikeyer 2.  
Using a Dell Workstation running Win 7 Pro 64 and English US keyboard of 
course.  No problems encountered here or during install of the Bridge.  Worked 
first time. Maybe I can answer some questions about the set up here that will 
help identify problems others are having. 
I am currently not at home in front of the station but maybe I can still answer 
a question about set up or be of some help.  
Eric / W4DXX

Sent from Eric's mobile phone

> On Aug 4, 2017, at 9:36 PM, Joseph Glockner <> wrote:
> I have been working with Earl N5ZM tonight - trying to get
> my WSJT-X 1.8.0-rc1 BRIDGE to work for him..
> Here is his setup:     DELL Computer running Windows10
> and he is using the MicroHam Microkeyer II  --  everything
> for my BRIDGE is setup correctly on his DELL Computer..
> We can see that the WSJT-X program is making the wsjtx_log.adi
> file all ok ..  BUT,  all of the normal exe files that need to be
> "Run as Adminstator" are checkmarked as such - all ok ...
> MY BRIDGE will not see the  wsjtx_log.adi file and do it's thing
> on this file ...  I do not run a MicroHam Microkeyer II -- so, I 
> do not know if the microkeyer is making it impossible to use
> my BRIDGE -- or, if it is something in his DELL computer that
> might be causing it..  We doublechecked to make sure his
> computer is using the  English (United States)  keyboard - YES!!!
> Is any other DXbase2007 user running a MicroHam Microkeyer II
> and IS HAVING SUCCESS with running my WSJT-X BRIDGE??
> TIA!!
> 73 Joe wa6axe
> Joseph Glockner
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