First, apologies on the delay; I was out of the office the end of last week.

PatchAPI does need a code generation plugin in order to have an effect on the 
binary; this is why I suggested starting from the Relocation module inside 
DyninstAPI, where all of the code generation is implemented. Basically, 
PatchAPI is responsible for recording the graph transformations, and you extend 
it by inheritance to implement those transformations and whatever other code 
generation you require.

Hope this helps; I can dive further into the details of the Relocation classes 
as needed (and it would be really good to assemble a user's guide to them and 
extract them to a component--while Drew's papers are quite readable, they're 
not actually a substitute for manuals).


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Thanks, Bill. Wouldn't the PatchAPI::ReplaceCallCommand help here? I have tried 
to use it but it doesn't seem to be having any effect. For instance, the 
following snippet does not change the binary in any way:

patcher.add(ReplaceCallCommand::create(mgr, block, func, nullptr));
if (! {
  cerr << "patch failed";

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to implement any stubs for the PatchAPI 
to function? I can provide a MWE if needed.

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 12:21 PM Bill Williams 
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The way I'd go about this would be with PatchAPI and pulling some of the 
abstract classes out of dyninstAPI/src/Relocation. (And yes, I am about to 
outline use of a machine gun to kill a mosquito, but I trust you want that 
mosquito *dead*.)

The raw call that's most relevant is PatchModifier::redirectEdge, which will 
update the CFG representation to reflect the new target you want. However, 
you'll want a thin Transformer/Widget wrapper (and something doing the 
equivalent of dyninst's AddressSpace::relocate, again very thin) that goes 
through each redirected edge and ensures that you can generate a new branch 
that fits precisely over the old one (and either fails gracefully or falls back 
to relocation/springboards if for some reason you can't). That's also what will 
need to emit the modified branches.

(And if you want to cannibalize the branch target modification from the 
CFWidget class in Relocation, that may be sufficient. But I tend to be paranoid 
about what the code will/won't do when things go wrong.)


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Is there a way to directly modify the target of a branch without manually 
assembling the instruction? I don't want to insert trampolines or relocate the 
code; only modify the target of a specific call/branch instruction. I am 
currently doing that by manually re-assembling the instruction, then patch the 
binary directly via patchData() from SymtabAPI.  However, that is error prone 
and there are many cases to handle. I am wondering if there is a better way.

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