I am using dyninst to do some static instrumentation by patching
instructions and inserting function call instrumentation snippets on
x86_64. I am trying to modify the register save/restore process for certain
registers that happens during the trampoline code. So I am trying to pass
some kind of information during the snippet insertion process that can be
sent to the whole base trampoline code.

The problem is I am unable to figure out the exact change that happens in
the address space structure which is then sent to the binary edit function.
If someone could point me to the exact field in the BPatch_addressSpace and
correspondingly BPatch_binaryEdit structure after snippet insertion, it
would be helpful.

Also the exact code that I need to modify is located in the
function Register EmitterAMD64::emitCall located in the file emit-x86.C,
which is reached during the call to the function writeFile(). If someone
could point me to the exact path from writeFile to emitCall it would

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