Hi Alexis,

I (almost) hate to say this, but I could *not* log in to your account 255857
with your information, but immediately afterward I logged in perfectly well
to my own account 107242 with my own correct information. Everything is
working perfectly well.

By the way, I would not be comfortable with e-gold simply emailing in plain
text a person's passphrase. It may seem inconsequential to you until you
have some money in your e-gold account, but I would not like even the
thought of someone hijacking (or intercepting) an email account and then
receiving the passphrase.

Hmmm, I just thought of something. You have concentrated so much on ensuring
you got your passphrase right, but is your account number correct?

I just had another go at it, this time typing the passphrase in instead of
copy and pasting it, but I got a different message, "Unable to login to
account. The account you have attempted to access is currently locked out
due to invalid login attempts. Please try again in 15 minutes." Maybe this
would work later, if all other things are correct (and other people are not
also trying to fix this work you).


Ian Green

on 21/2/01 6:54 am, Alexis Michel Golzman at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> My account number is 255857
> My passphrase is gold9amg
> I'd appreciate if someone could login to my account to check if it works.
> I don't have money in my account yet, that's why I'm giving away the
> passphrase. If I ever can login, I'll change it.
> Every time I try to login, after ages of waiting I get this message:
> "The e-gold system is unable to process your request at this time,
> please try again in a few minutes."
> I didn't leave Caps-Lock on, my passphrase IS CORRECT (I wrote it at the
> time I signed up) and I'm not a hacker trying to steal from anywhere, I
> My complaint is with the lousy e-gold customer service. I wrote to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], referencing my e-gold account number in the
> subject, but I had no answer.
> Why don't they use this system?: If you forget your password, you just
> submit a form where you enter your account number, then a message with the
> passphrase is sent to the e-mail address in the account.
> I lost time signing up for a service that doesn't work and I don't even
> get a response. Now the only thing I need is someone from the e-gold
> service telling me to go to hell and I make my day. Seems they have enough
> members and they can easily get rid of someone. I hope I'm wrong with
> this, but I'm really angry.
> If someone helps me, thank you very much.
> Alexis.
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