Since we have had a couple of books recommended .. I would like to
recommend another to you.

Cryptonomicon, authored by Neal Stephenson, Avon Books Inc., 1999

It is "science fiction" but when you look at the bio of the author and see
when he wrote the story and then READ it you will have an enormous respect
for the writers ability to "see" the future .. the subject of the book is
"e-gold" ....

If you would like a VERY comprehensive (both subjective and objective)
look at "currency" and the "future" of it then this book (@ 910 pages) is
a MUST read.

Sure, the plot and characters are fiction but the truth of real life is
hit "dead on" in several areas.  The entire work soon starts you wondering
just how much "real" inside information the author was able to dig up in
his research on this project.

It really does not matter where your interest lies in real life, this book
WILL have something for *you*.  Hackers, cryptologists, investors,
guerillas, war mongers, peaceniks, on and on and on. It turns out that the
"future" is NOW ..

There has been a lot of complaining (on this list) about how "e-gold" is,
seemingly, only of benefit to the "scammers" and other various "UNsavory"
types ... even THIS phenominon is explained in the story. It explains
that, in the beginning, the "wild west" was mainly gun slingers and
gamblers and prostitutes .. but, eventually, "good folks" came to town and
the churches started going up.

I found that the author has a VERY good sense of "flow" to how things in
*REAL* life really do flow, whereas most folks THINK things should be
different and actually try to BREAK the laws of "progress".

I was fortunate to be in on the "revitalization" of the Peachtree area of
downtown Atlanta, Georgia (many years back) and found that the "flow" of
rehabilitating that area followed a pattern found in other blighted
downtown areas that had been "saved".

Upon going to Jacksonville, Florida I found that they had a blighted
downtown area named "Spingfield" that was, according to all indications,
about to follow the pattern set up in Atlanta, and many other downtown
areas ... but it didn't materialize.

Yes, the "rehab" money DID come to town but Springfield had established
laws to try and circumvent the "process" and go straight from "blighted
area" to "high-rent district" ***without*** the middle process.  It just
does NOT work that way.  Springfield is STILL a blighted area, permanently
restricted from improvment by legislation that **prevents** the middle
part of the process.

The lesson, of course, is that the gamblers and prostitutes are a
necessary part of the process and that to prevent their activity is to
STOP  the "growth" process and, perhaps, even kill it.

I hope that "" **gets** the message.

Try this read .. it is really insightful and comprehensive .. thank you,
Mr. Stephenson.

LaMarr M. Dell Sr.

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