> Not sure I totally agree.  I own Automated Press Releases from
> which we can reach over 10,000 media contacts in 37
> countries.  And I've been writing press releases, articles and
> columns for 25+ years.  Here's some tips:


Thank you for the tips  which I welcome with respect.

Perhaps I was remiss in being generalised and appearing to lumping all
journalists together which of course is incorrect.  There are many fine
upstanding journalists out there who do an excellent job.

I did not mean to include the type of activities which George is engaged in
as that worthy is of the finest we have and we are indeed fortunate that he
is a proponent of the gold economy and not anti as would then be a most
daunting adversary.

My experience has been limited to working with tabloid and television media
networks on controversial subjects in the UK and here in Australia, and
also prevously working in a newspaper and observing the practices there.

Companies such as Automated Press Releases are a different kettle of fish.
BMW or Mercedes here as distinct from GM and Ford.

If I wanted to put out a Press Release I would of course go to Automated
Press Releases and take advantage of George's 25 years of professional
experience, not the Tribune, Daily Mirror, The Herald or even the Times.

Kind regards,

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