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this looks fancy  and involves the downloading of a wallet for consumer use.

However I don't thing the followng extract is as secure as an e-gold

Protection of Merchant
How then is the merchant protected from abuse, for example, snooping the URL
during the transmission of a purchase, and therefore stealing the goods
without paying? The communication between Wallet and Server is encrypted, so
the hacking of URL is very difficult. However, a transaction is considered
completed when the redirect command is issued. The URL then is known to the
customer as well as whoever can sniff the network. One concern that may be
raised is that how the merchant can protect herself from having to accept
goods requests from everybody who has the access to the purchased URL --
without any feedback about payments ?

Yes, once the URL is known, it is public. We count on the merchant to
protect themselves from being abused or double-delivering by their CGI
programming skill. For example, the merchant can encypt a timestamp or a
counter flag into the URL so that the same URL is valid only for a period of
time or so many accesses.

But then again...a lot of you fellows know more about the technical side
than I do.

What do you think?

Kind regards,

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