----- David Hillary wrote: -----
>Free migration between New Zealand and Australia has ended!
>The right of permanent residency on arrival of New Zealanders into
>Australia has been terminated by a new agreement between the
>New Zealaners will now need to meet Australian immigration

Although I agree in principle with what you have said in your message,
I am not sure that your opening comment is entirely correct.

Your message gives the impression that Kiwis can no longer freely move
to, and live and work in Australia. From what I understand, free
migration is still possible and New Zealanders may live and work in
Australia; BUT they do not automatically get permanent residence. The
main effect (and the government's announced reason) for this change is
that New Zealanders can no longer move to Australia and automatically
qualify for SOCIAL WELFARE. IOW on arrival in Australia, New
Zealanders will be granted perpetual temporary residence and working

I am no champion of "the social welfare state" and I believe people
should work for their keep, so IMO this is not really such a
devastating change.



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