Sidd wrote:
> ----- David Hillary wrote: -----
> >Free migration between New Zealand and Australia has ended!
> >
> >The right of permanent residency on arrival of New Zealanders into
> >Australia has been terminated by a new agreement between the
> countries.
> >New Zealaners will now need to meet Australian immigration
> requirements.
> Although I agree in principle with what you have said in your message,
> I am not sure that your opening comment is entirely correct.
> Your message gives the impression that Kiwis can no longer freely move
> to, and live and work in Australia. From what I understand, free
> migration is still possible and New Zealanders may live and work in
> Australia; BUT they do not automatically get permanent residence. The
> main effect (and the government's announced reason) for this change is
> that New Zealanders can no longer move to Australia and automatically
> qualify for SOCIAL WELFARE. IOW on arrival in Australia, New
> Zealanders will be granted perpetual temporary residence and working
> permit.
> I am no champion of "the social welfare state" and I believe people
> should work for their keep, so IMO this is not really such a
> devastating change.
> Regards,
> Sidd.

Thanks for pointing this out Sidd. I think perhaps its not such a
retrograde step afterall, to preserve the right of free entry and stay
as long as you want, but withhold rights to welfare etc. perpetually.
However there are still many things about this change that enrage me:
1. Australia will now deny new kiwis to Australia all rights to welfare,
despite the fact that kiwis are paying the same tax rates as aussies and
are less likely to be unemployed and more likely to participate in the
work force than Australian born people.
2. Australia will deny kiwis rights to welfare but New Zealand will
continue to grant welfare to aussies who migrate. Australians migrating
to nz lose nothing at all.
3. in the real workd of Australia's over-regulated high unemployment
labour market, ordinary people who migrate from nz to oz may fall on
hard times and, despite their work ethic, become destitute. I have been
close to this situation since migrating. The high Australian taxes,
over-regulated health insurance and health services markets and other
insurance markets make obtaining private cover difficult. I had health
insurance in nz for NZ$17 a month before I came, when I attempted to get
similar cover when i arrived in oz the cost was more than double (around
A$40-50 a month). The employer-union dominated superannuation industry
is compulsory also and if migrants return to nz they can't get their
funds out until they are 55 or more. Contribution rates are also high
(around 9% currently). In the real world this is a kick in the teeth for
4. If kiwis have no right of permanent residence anymore, what stops
their rights to be 'guest workers' also being eliminated or restricted?
Permanent residents have a right to stay and work, 'guests' can be asked
to leave.

I predict that this type of arrangement (removal of all welfare rights
to immigrants) may in fact become the norm, and this is a good thing.
Governments may be tempted to enact it to bolster their tax base and
gain economic growth benefits. But it creates a new class of people with
*nothing* to lose from the removal of state transfers/benefits/social
services and *everything* to gain from tax cuts! (pity they can't vote
though). They also have a lot to gain from seeking financial privacy and
financial sovereignty. Perhaps the world in 20 years time will have two
classes of people: non-citizen workers and citizen welfare

David Hillary

It opens the labour market up, bolsters the tax base of the country

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