> I'm a big fan of the various "voodoo" supplements sold by Life Extension
> Foundation http://www.LEF.org and probably consume

> So... I sent them an email yesterday encouraging them to implement a
> "Pilot Project", accepting e-gold via their (very nicely done) shopping
> cart, in addition to their various existing payment options.
> I'm thinking, we have a not inconsiderable group of consumers (including
> some current and potential LEF customers) on this list, and that a few
> pleasant emails encouraging them to accept e-gold might be an effective
> instrument that might influence them to evaluate the proposal in a
> constructive light.

Well as an active proponent of vitamin therapy swinging my bucket from side
to side, I was raised in a natropathic environment,  I have found it
difficult to get pure vitamins in australia as most of the vitamins are
produced by local drug companies  to whom the founders of  Australian
Vitamin Companies are selling out (The vision of money is stronger thatn
their vision of a healthy world I suppose).  So  I am always looking for a
source of health supplements of high quality.

The LEF  I have heard of and the quality of their product is outstanding.

If we can encourage them to accept the best of metal for the best of

A flood of emails promising  more members and more business  I'm sure would
impel them (how could they resist) to accept
gold for payment.

Who wants to be healthy?

Kind regards,

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