Yeah, let's get AOL-TimeWarner on the e-gold band wagon. If it goes well
Cates and family will make their moves to buy out e-gold, StandardReserve,
Omnipay, and family -- or try to create their own to compete! ;-)

Still, sooner or later, e-gold or something like it will go mainstream.
Whether, in that process, the cyber-gold exchange world can be truly global
in scope and free from one country or corporation's dominance or hegemony,
is a question to be considered...

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> I'll bet well over 100 people on this list send money to TimeWarner
> Communications every month too. Imagine TWC's (and other utilities')
> overhead relating to acceptance of mailed checks:
> - latency for check to arrive via mail,
> - human beings to open envelopes and manually transcribe posting
> information into operator interface,
> - prepare deposits and take to bank,
> - deal with overdraft checks...
> How much better if some of their remittances were coming in as e-gold,
> via shopping cart that gives authenticated server-to-server notification
> that would enable them to post account as paid, programmatically, with
> minimal human oversight. They could probably offload whatever e-gold
> they receive to the wholesale/secondary exchange market at a higher
> exchange rate than that at which they received it.
> Doug
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