we need some telecos accepting e-gold asap.

given that its a competitive market and most bills have around 5
different ways of being paid (BPAY, credit card, direct debit, mail, in
person (post office) etc.), it seems that e-gold could find a willing

I really think there is a need for a privacy oriented teleco, given the
extent to which government can use telephone records to observe both who
was contacted, when for how long and at what cost, and to intercept
actual communication.

You cannot even get a prepaid mobile phone in oz without providing ID. 

digiplus will install a device in customers house which automatically
adds the digiplus override code to calls so that customers can use
digiplus by default. Why not have a telephone company that installed
such a device but which also encrypted the call. The calls would all be
to a 1800 number, the company would then connect the call through to the
desired destination and accept e-gold for payment. In this way the
places called cannot be detected, neither can the cost or the
communications be intercepted, except between the company and the call
destination. When two customers called each other, the encryption would
secure the call from caller to caller.

Getting prepayed mobile phones to accept e-gold must be the easiest
thing though.

David Hillary

David Hillary

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