I agree with your points.  And it appears, even so if indirectly, you are
also supportive of the notion that the effort to promote e-gold's acceptance
for big ticket items seems to have stalled.

 No wait: ..."patient appears to be in a state of non-response to verbal
stimuli.  Life supportive interventions have been implemented.  Vent support
initiated. IV fluids with a gtt rate 150 cc's per hour. Nourishment via Peg
tube 250 cc bolus q 6 hours. Foley cath. Ted hose. Oral care q 2 hours.  At
this point, we have done all we can.  It is up to the patient now..."

    There comes a point when outside efforts do well to maintain, but an
internal desire to thrive and grow must come from the "patient".  Once a
"patient gives up the will to live, imminent death is soon to follow.
E-gold "users" are growing, "accounts" are growing, but as you pointed out,
there is a backsliding in people ACCEPTING e-gold.  That is, until you
consider the games/schemes/ponzis.  Like a virus, they seem to multiply at
an alarming speed.

     Perhaps a new desire for growth WILL come from within now that some
competitors have joined the field.  GoldMoney, Wise Assets, who is next?


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> >    Once again, I applaud your rationalizations!  Too little effort
> > to be aimed at attracting the larger merchant organizations to accept
> > e-gold.  As a fellow Market Maker, it appears that the bulk of e-gold
> is
> > still limited to the many investment games/ponzis/pyramid programs out
> > there.
> I believe there will always be two kinds of money in this world, because
> there are two fundamental types of transactions:
> 1) Consumer controlled transactions, where the Consumer will demand the
> final say in the transaction;
> 2) Seller controlled transactions, where the Seller will demand the final
> say in the transaction.
> Transactions which are driven by consumers include relatively small value
> items with large price mark-ups. With consumer merchandise, sellers can
> accept some charge-backs and bounced checks, and still make a profit,
> because their mark-up is high, and their sales increase substantially when
> they allow the consumer to use his credit card. For these types of 'soft
> money' transactions, people can use credit cards, personal checks, money
> orders, and the new third party payment services, like PayPal.
> However, one would never consider using a credit card to purchase a new
> or a house, or to make a payroll, or make a B-2-B payment. These types of
> high-dollar transactions, where the seller cannot afford to have a payment
> reversed, will be controlled by the seller, and he has a need for 'hard
> money' which he can rely on to fulfill the transaction without the
> possibility of a reversal. This is where e-gold comes in. E-gold is TOO
> expensive to be used to purchase consumer merchandise, and will probably
> NEVER be used for this purpose. However, it is PERFECT for a large-value,
> low-markup transaction, and will probably find its niche here. A consumer
> will not want to spend his e-gold on a new toy, but he will be glad to use
> it for a new car, a vacation, perhaps a new house, to make a payroll, and
> perform other business transactions.
> Do you realize that the average number of listings on eBay, which accept
> e-gold, have FALLEN in the past year, even though e-gold is now 5 to 10
> times larger than when I started counting the number of eBay auctions
> take e-gold?
> Craig
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