>     There comes a point when outside efforts do well to maintain, but an
> internal desire to thrive and grow must come from the "patient".  Once a
> "patient gives up the will to live, imminent death is soon to follow.
> E-gold "users" are growing, "accounts" are growing, but as you pointed
> there is a backsliding in people ACCEPTING e-gold.  That is, until you
> consider the games/schemes/ponzis.  Like a virus, they seem to multiply at
> an alarming speed.

Actually, I wasn't trying to say that there is a backslide in people
ACCEPTING e-gold. I am saying that I believe that e-gold is 'hard' money and
will probably mainly be used for 'seller-driven' transactions, ie: business
transactions. If fewer people are accepting e-gold on eBay, even though
there are now 5 - 10 times as many e-gold accounts, then this just means
that consumer merchandise may never be the core of the e-gold economy.
However, businesses MAY start to use it for B-B transactions, and we are
beginning to see that, even if the first types of 'business use' of e-gold
may appear to be a bit shady.


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