> Five:  Create demos that show people how to use the system.  Please!  People will 
>just not use it if they don't know how.

WebEx might be good for this. My employer seems to think they have great value in the 
replay mode to explain. Personally I find it hard to sit through stuff like that 
unless it explains a complex thing.

What would it say? Although the reasons why seem to be hard to grasp, the actions one 
can do on the site are fairly simple. If it is hard to use it should be redesigned.

My main gripe is most pages take a long time to download. Most pages should download 
(via modem 93% of home users) in less then 10 seconds. After that users go somewhere 
else. "...speed must be the overriding design criterion."

The history page is great though -- very functional

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