KK wrote:

>The first step is to change the look of the site starting with the
main page.  The e-gold Front page looks >like it was created by an 8th
grader.  The Standard Reserve main page just looks like there is
something >missing.  Both of those companies should be looking to
change their look so they can compete with GoldMoney >from an image
standpoint.  If a person was to just see the mainpage of those three
companies, they would >conclude that GoldMoney is the "big time"
appealing to the more "Professional" type people.

I agree to a certain extent with what you are saying about the
e-gold(tm) and SR websites... but remember the e-gold(tm) site is
quite dated now so they have an excuse... SR has no excuse, and I have
said what I think about that before :)...

What really surprises me is that you think the GoldMoney site is good
though, considering you are a developer yourself! The GoldMoney site
is crap. It doesn't work with either Netscape or webtv... as far as I
am concerned, that is ridiculous. What about the other browsers, do
they work?

A site that is designed to be a utility service MUST be compatible
with AT LEAST the big 3 browsing tools.


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