At 09:05 PM 3/1/2001 +1300, Sidd wrote:
>KK wrote:
> >The first step is to change the look of the site starting with the
>main page.  The e-gold Front page looks >like it was created by an 8th
>grader.  The Standard Reserve main page just looks like there is
>something >missing.  Both of those companies should be looking to
>change their look so they can compete with GoldMoney >from an image
>standpoint.  If a person was to just see the mainpage of those three
>companies, they would >conclude that GoldMoney is the "big time"
>appealing to the more "Professional" type people.
>I agree to a certain extent with what you are saying about the
>e-gold(tm) and SR websites... but remember the e-gold(tm) site is
>quite dated now so they have an excuse... SR has no excuse, and I have
>said what I think about that before :)...

Absolutely correct about SR.   We are now adding people in our 
technology group in Belarus, and they are totally re-writing the 
code.  We have reviewed the preliminary design, and it looks 
great.  Probably see it in 30-45 days.

We do have a game plan with our evolution.  We started with the 
basic site, covering most of what was there.  Then we went to a 
non-frames environment, with some added features.  We also went 
to a couple of discussion lists and asked for reviews and 
comments (affectionally known as Request For Flogging) and 
accumulated those comments for inclusion in our final site.  The 
RFF was requested of folks who are non-gold users, as that is the 
market we need to address.  And we are going to be doing some 
focus groups over the next couple of months, so there will be a 
lot of exciting stuff.

Please do not hesitate to flog us some more.  It is helpful


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