>The first step is to change the look of the site starting with the 
>main page.  The e-gold Front page looks like it was created by an 
>8th grader.  The Standard Reserve main page just looks like there is 
>something missing.  Both of those companies should be looking to 
>change their look so they can compete with GoldMoney from an image 
>standpoint.  If a person was to just see the mainpage of those three 
>companies, they would conclude that GoldMoney is the "big time" 
>appealing to the more "Professional" type people.

Unfortunatley Gold Money's page desn't work on a mac/Netscape combo 
--- you can't read the type!!!!

I think e-gold's design looks fine.

the e-gold site has natty stock photography, correctly kerned type, 
some illustration and so on.

Also, it has the "examiner" feature which shits on the other sites.

E-gold's SECONDARY pages are a bit rough -- they need a proper 
template system like any old corporate web page.

e-gold's site looks far more professional than the others mentioned, I think.

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
  upon the support of Paul."  --  George Bernard Shaw

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