Attention frustrated copywriters and art directors!

An everyday banner ad has just 28,080 pixels.  If you can do a great 
ad banner FOR E-GOLD, you can win yourself 5 grams of gold!

Here's the best one I could do:

Come up with a BETTER banner ad, and the best one will win 5 grams of 
gold courtesy of !

Remember, advertisements should be

(*) catchy
(*) memorable (perhaps controversial?)
(*) simple enough to make you notice it but complicated enough to make you act

If you have a great idea but can't execute it professionally, your 
banner ad will be re-done by a professional art director from a major 
ad agency.

The contest will be judged by two Creative Directors from major ad 
agencies -- just like the CLIOs or the other ad gong shows!

Don't be scared to enter more than once if you have a couple of great 
headlines or concepts.  Come on, let's see some ideas!  Send them to 
me and I'll post them on the bananagold site for all to see.

Get your thinking caps on and do something better than this !!!

brought to you by !

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