Following this up. According to the CIA World Factbook,

Papua New Guinea's

GDP: purchasing power parity - $11.6 billion (1999 est.)

GDP - real growth rate: 3.6% (1999 est.)

If we take the estimated GDP as gospel then that is about USD$31 million per
day (I think we are about $1 million per day?), though I doubt if this
actually means that this much value of Kina actually transacts, as maybe
this includes much subsistence and barter in their estimate??

Can we grow 31 more times in the next couple of years? I hope so!

Ian Green

PS: I'm sure there are even smaller economies in the world e-gold can beat.
Surely we already beat East Timor! (But then a GDP calculation may include
the revenue from the Timor Gap oil fields, which are probably never
transacted in any local currency, if they have one yet!)

What's the GDP of the Falkland Islands? I guarantee we beat Hutt River
Province (an independent (disputed) principality on the mainland of Western
Australia)! ;)

on 3/3/01 11:41 pm, Ian Green at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Well I'll put my initial answer in, short of having any reasonable
> information at hand on a specific currency!
> ** Maybe some time between *already* and two years, if we are talking about
> Papua New Guinea KINA! Of course, any currency that is traded in cash cannot
> have an exact knowable figure for the volume of daily transactions, ...
> unlike e-gold, that is traded through the e-gold site.
> Regards,
> Ian Green
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