I wonder if I set TOO HARD a question at the 2 gram prize level?

>Well I'll put my initial answer in, short of having any reasonable
>information at hand on a specific currency!

Not one entry has supplied ANY information about the transaction 
volume of a typical currency.

(Ian, you don't have a guess of much the Kina does. Jeff, I think 
your entry related to FUTURES CONTRACT trading, which while 
interesting is unrelated to how many street USDs are spent, used, 
each day.)

I think at this point, someone who looked in an encycopedia and 
stated "the US dollar does about nnn billion per day" .. would have 
exceeded all the other entries in usefulness and would win!

Who was our previous winner?  perhaps he'll come through with something!

>** Maybe some time between *already* and two years, if we are talking about
>Papua New Guinea KINA! Of course, any currency that is traded in cash cannot
>have an exact knowable figure for the volume of daily transactions, ...
>unlike e-gold, that is traded through the e-gold site.
>Ian Green

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
  upon the support of Paul."  --  George Bernard Shaw

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