Noo Yawlk hea, need to rally the troops, hello e-golders.  My recent
travails have produced this response on the bottom from Texas off of the
HTML Writers Guild List.
>On or about 12:57 PM 02/11/2001 -0500, Mark S. Ohberg alleged:
>Provide and foster professional advancement opportunities among
>individuals dedicated to or pursuing a Web career,
>> I'd suggest noting that this is the International Webmasters
>>since IWANET isn't exactly self-explanatory.
>>And I'd recommend adding this one to your list:
>>Brainbench does independent online testing, certifications and
>>Well worth checking out and listing.  (I hold certifications in HTML
4.0, JavaScript, and Written English from them.)
>This was my 2 cents worth, if you felt it was worth $.02 then click
>>Are you aware that this "organization's" advertising methods have been

>>less than ethical, including unsolicited bulk email (spamming)?

Care to rebuttal this neophyte. Or tell me whose been spamming anyway,
How should I come back at this one?

let it snow let it snow let it snow

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