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>I wonder if I set TOO HARD a question at the 2 gram prize level?


  I think you have definitely set the question to be too hard.  Reasons being that no 
one can figure out how long it will take e-gold to do any transaction volume because 
we don't have historical figures to draw a regression from.

  Second, I don't think you can open up a dictionary and come up with how much USD or 
JPY is traded in a given day because there is no one place to trade it.  John and Bob 
could be sitting at a street corner and passing a 5 dollar bill back and forth and be 
trading.  They could do this a million times and no one would know.  However, if they 
did this in e-gold, they would have to do it through the e-gold website and so e-gold 
would know and calculate that John and Bob did 5 million in trading.

  I could say that PayPal claims to do 8 million in trading a day, and e-gold does 1 
million.  Yet without a way to draw a regression I can't come up with how long it will 
take e-gold to catch up with PayPal.  Maybe e-gold should save the stats figures just 
like they do with exchange rates.

       Khurram Khan

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