At 10:42 PM -0500 3/3/01, Mark S. Ohberg wrote:
>>This was my 2 cents worth, if you felt it was worth $.02 then click
>>>Are you aware that this "organization's" advertising methods have been
>>>less than ethical, including unsolicited bulk email (spamming)?
>Care to rebuttal this neophyte. Or tell me whose been spamming anyway,
>How should I come back at this one?
>let it snow let it snow let it snow

Hi Mark. I'm sure that e-gold Ltd. does not either spam or condone spamming
(it's in the documents) but spammers have mentioned e-gold. e-gold Ltd. tends
to shut off originator priveleges on spammers' accounts, upon receiving and
investigating valid complaints, as outlined on the e-gold pages.

If you want to discover the origins of e-mail spam (or other stuff) a good site is: Thanks. It's never a good thing if someone first
learns of e-gold through a spammer, and spammers do tend to be "ethically
challenged" so I agree with that part of his statement, just not his conclusion.

"e-gold is to 'money' what email is to letters."  -- JP May
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