We'll start with known quantities.

in circulation - 44,475.17 oz. gold ($11.7 million)
total - 46,400.00 oz. gold ($12.2 million)
daily transaction volume - 5700 oz. gold ($1.5 million)

in circulation - $562.949  billion
total - $817.577 billion
GDP - $8.511 Trillion ($23.32 billion/day)

The ten smallest GDPs for countries that have their own currency.

STD Dobra (São Tomé) - $164 million
TOP Pa'anga (Tonga) - $232 million
VUV Vatu (Vanuatu) - $240 million
WST Tala (Samoa) - $470 million
MVR Maldivian Rufiyaa (Maldives) - $500 million
DJF Djibouti Franc (Djibouti) - $530 million
SCR Seychelles Rupee (Seychelles) - $550 million
CVE Cape Verdean Escudo (Cape Verde) - $581 million
BZD Belize Dollar (Belize) - $700 million
SBD Solomon Islands Dollar - $1.15 billion (Solomon Islands)

An e-gold velocity historical data point.

9 Jun 1999 daily transaction volume - $6700

This works out to 225x in 20 months or 31%/month.

Now on to the mathematical analysis...

The GDP isn't the same as the transaction volume. The GDP is the amount of
official/logged transactions, i.e. retail, etc... However, we can figure
out the neccesary transaction volumes given two assumptions.

- The correlation between circulation volume and transaction volume is the
same for all currencies.
- The correlation between GDP and transaction volume is the same for all
(This isn't true, but we something to work with)

We know the circulation of AUG & USD, the AUG transaction volume, and the
USD GDP. (Don't we just love TLAs :)

This gives us...
USD daily transaction volume - $72.17 billion

Which gives us the daily transaction volumes for the above ten currencies.

STD (Dobra) - $1.35 million
TOP (Pa'anga) - $1.9 million
VUV (Vatu) - $1.97 million
WST (Tala) - $3.86 million
MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa) - $4.11 million
DJF (Djibouti Franc) - $4.36 million
SCR (Seychelles Rupee) - $4.52 million
CVE (Cape Verdean Escudo) - $4.78 million
BZD (Belize Dollar) - $5.75 million
SBD (Solomon Islands Dollar) - $9.45 million

Using the given e-gold growth rate, we can determine when e-gold's
transaction volume will exceed the listed currencies transaction volume.

STD (Dobra) - Already exceeded
TOP (Pa'anga) - April
VUV (Vatu) - April
WST (Tala) - August
MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa) - August
DJF (Djibouti Franc) - August
SCR (Seychelles Rupee) - September
CVE (Cape Verdean Escudo) - September
BVD (Belize Dollar) - October
SBD (Solomon Islands Dollar) - November

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