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> At 10:42 PM -0500 3/3/01, Mark S. Ohberg wrote:
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> >> click here: http://www.two-cents-worth.com/?107245
> >>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >>>Are you aware that this "organization's" advertising methods have been
> >
> >>>less than ethical, including unsolicited bulk email (spamming)?
> If you want to discover the origins of e-mail spam (or other stuff) a good site is:
> http://www.samspade.org/ Thanks. It's never a good thing if someone first
> learns of e-gold through a spammer, and spammers do tend to be "ethically
> challenged" so I agree with that part of his statement, just not his conclusion.

> JMR,

Having a tough time thanking you for your life and wisdom in a catchy banner.
So I will just write that you are the METTLE in Cybermetallics!

However I did want to mention another email spam site that shuts them down:

I expect to hopefully get better detail on this Texans experience, and will let you

Kind Rgds.
Mark S. Ohberg
If my 2 cents was worth it, than make it real Cyber-metallic, Global
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