>         "When will the daily transaction volume
>         of e-gold first begin to rival the daily
>         transaction volume of one of the smaller
>         national currencies?"


"I submit that answers to this question will need  to be based on gross 
assumptions about any quantity 
 or volume of transactions in any national currency. No country can or does 
know or publish 

 overall transaction volume statistics. Because of the centralized nature 
of the e-gold system, and 
 the public knowledge of its transaction volume, its numbers for comparison 
are accurately known.
 The Fisher identity (MV=PT) is an idealized equation which we can not insert 
real numbers 
 for on any national currency. Only systems such as e-gold can provide meaning 
to the constituent 
 components of that equation - namely the number of transactions and velocity. 
We can guess and 
 speculate at answers - and have fun doing so - but large assumptions will 
swing the results
 over such a range as to become next to meaningless."


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