> I think #7 is great. "That Chest of Gold Just Got Easier to Use"

My 2 milligrams...

1: Looks OK, but clumsily-worded.
7: Looks OK, but too adventurous, doesn't convey trust.
8: Looks amateurish, wording reminds of spam.
9: Looks OK, but too abstract, no obvious meaning.
10: Looks too simple, no obvious meaning, slightly offensive.
11: Looks great, sounds great.
12: Looks great, but lists weak, unsupported claims.
13: Looks amateurish, sounds like guerilla.
14: Looks like an ad for a TV show, the pun has a somewhat strange effect.

I would vote for 11, then 12, then nothing for a long time, then 1.

- denis

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