>  Second, I don't think you can open up a dictionary and come up 
>with how much USD or JPY is traded in a given day

Sure, there are many such estimates around --- you're perfectly 
correct that they are estimates, though!

(Even the amount of usd IN TOTAL is ALSO just an estimate, because no 
one has any clue how much of the paper money has been destroyed, is 
lost, how much is counterfiet from the israelis, etc etc.)

> because there is no one place to trade it.  John and Bob could be 
>sitting at a street corner and passing a 5 dollar bill back and 
>forth and be trading.  They could do this a million times and no one 
>would know.  However, if they did this in e-gold, they would have to 
>do it through the e-gold website and so e-gold would know and 
>calculate that John and Bob did 5 million in trading.

Here's an interesting thing.

It is NOT TRUE that the e-gold server tracks ALL use, spends, of e-gold!!!!

Erich's MS server now does a LOT of spending of e-gold that e-gold 
knows nothing about and never will -- in fact, I have often used it 
as a privacy measure so that Jim can't look up my spends!  (Just 
joking Jim!  :))

If A says to B "I want to be paid in e-gold, but I don't want e-gold 
to know about it", A then simply opens an MS account, and gets paid 
from one MS account to another.

Another example is on the thegoldcasino.com system, which ISL 
programmed (wave!)

Note that there are VAST numbers of transactions extra to the e-gold 
server, on the TGC system.

You could argue that these are not "e-gold" spends but just spends of 
"tokens based on e-gold" (exactly like chips at a casino).

But, the TGC system is a full value accounting system .. for instance 
when you are given a "comp" by the TGC owners, that is an e-gold 
spend: whether they had used the use.e-gold.com mechanism to your 
e-gold account, or sent you the value to your TGC account, e-gold 
ownership has been moved.

So, these mechanisms like MS will grow as e-gold grows, and daily 
usage of e-gold will be harder to guess!!!

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
  upon the support of Paul."  --  George Bernard Shaw

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