> [EMAIL PROTECTED], you make a good point, and e-gold will
> refine that conversion factor to make it more accurate. send
> me your e-gold account number for a reward bounty.

Thank you thank you!  You can credit it to 105440, please, if you
don't mind supporting America's most aggressive defender of firearms
ownership.  It's tax deductible, too.

> from a scientific basis, i opine that the most precise
> and accurate conversion factor between ounces and
> grams to be exactly:
> 31.1034768
> which is derived from the NIST data stating that:
> 1 grain = 64.79891 milligrams (*exactly* because bold font)
> (see http://physics.nist.gov/Pubs/SP811/appenB9.html)
> also a troy ounce is *exactly* 480 grains, so we arrive at
> 64.79891 mg / grain * 480 grain / troy ounce * 1/1000 g/mg = 
> 31.1034768 grams per troy ounce
> (for some independent form of verification, i find this number
> in several web based troy ounce <-> gram conversion tables)

Interesting.  Oh well, either 31.1034768 or 31.103477 is better than
31.103.  Probalby my calculator was chopping off digits.

> e-gold account balances are tracked by weight to 6 decimal
> places - in troy ounces. lets see what a difference the conversion
> factor might make. a spend can only occur to a precision of
> 6 decimal places in ounces. for a spend denominated in grams,
> can a conversion factor of 31.103 vary the weight amount when
> performed in ounces to 6 places...

Right, the actual practical difference is very very small, but it is a
systemic bias, which is bad, even if it is small.  e-gold has over a
ton in circulation, so being off by even one part in 100,000 does add
up to something real.

Thanks for fixing this!

Dr. Evil

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