My professional opinion is still for e-gold's current site.

Chris Rasch wrote
> Average: 28.2
> In contrast, it took on average about 5 seconds for the makeover site to load:
> Average: 5.4 seconds

Does your server have the same user load that the e-gold server does?

> In addition, international users, wireless and cellular PDA users will
> often have much slower connections (28.8 kbps or less).

Wwireless & cellular PDA users access different versions of the internet.
There isn't a PDA that I know of that can display a site optimized for
desktop computers. The largest resolution I have seen is 320*240, while
most desktops have a resolution of 800*600 with some at 640*480 and some
at 1024*768 and higher.

> Right now, to login, you must click "Access Account", then click
> "Access Account" again, and then enter your account info, and click
> enter again, before you're able to spend e-gold.

> e-gold could also improve navigation by making more of the website's
> functionality and information available from the main page.  I've done
> this in the mockup by including links of interest to each of e-gold's
> constituencies--everyone, beginners, merchants, developers.  

IMO, that end's up cluttering the page.

> c.  The frame remains even when a user clicks on an outside link.  I
> detest this behavior, and so do many other users.

So do I. However, e-gold actually figured out how to do it properly. I
have never had a problem with lagging frames on the e-gold site.

> e-gold's main site doesn't display any information except navigation
> aids.  If I'm a recurring visitor to e-gold, I want to know what's
> new/different immediately, without having to drill down several links.

There hardly ever is anything new. The constantly changing data is on the
stats page, which can be accessed from the top page. There is a "What's
New" link which gets updated every few months.

> However, I would move pricing information to the front page.  

It can be accessed from the front page. This falls under the heading of
needlessly cluttering the front page.

> I would also include a discussion of market maker fees, and wire transfer and
> money order fees because the user will have to pay these fees to use
> e-gold, even if the fees aren't charged by e-gold itself. 

All the market maker's are completely indepedent of e-gold and able to
change their fee structures at any time. Money orders have differing costs
depending on where they are bought.

> However, e-gold's site as a whole doesn't have a consistent look and
> feel to it.  

This happens after being in business for five years and continually
building onto the site.

> I think it's great that e-gold hosts a mailing list
> Currently, you have to go through six clicks before you actually see any
> messages.

> Once you make it to the archive, you must first select the message you
> want to see, then click "View message"--two clicks.  I would prefer
> that each message title were a hyperlink to the message itself--only
> one click.

I've brought that up before. The mailing list is supposed to be just that,
a mailing list. Check out the mail-archive link above.

> I hope to see e-gold grow large enough to substantially replace fiat
> currencies.  

So do I.

Viking Coder
Worth Two Cents?

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