>Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Ultimately, if e-gold decides to
>redesign their site, I think they should get a group of 5-10 newbies and
>videotape them trying to use it.   In the meantime, I've created an informal
>survey--if you want to express your preference for either e-gold.com's current
>site design or the mockup (http://www.openknowledge.org/egold/),

A bold attempt Chris, but I think it looks horrible!

I think this fuss about e-gold web site is somewhat misplaced ... it 
looks fine, the illustration is professional, etc.

The secondary pages are a bit of a jumble .. but so what?   No user 
in the history of the web has ever clicked on a secondary page :)

Leave design to professional designers.

(And they're expensive.  I'm sure the boys at e-gold will spend money 
on that when profits make it possible.)

> please go to
>the following site and answer the survey question:

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
  upon the support of Paul."  --  George Bernard Shaw

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