Cosmetically site presentation is very subjective  and you are never going to 
find a site design that everyone likes.

I beliebe that the presentation is really catered for by the market makers who 
seem to me to be the 'front end' of the market place.

It is, or should be, the market makers who sell the service, answer the 
questions, discuss and promote e-gold.

e-gold simply sits there and reaps the reward.  they do not need to promte 
their site and do not regard that sort of thing as important as is done by 
others opn their behalf.

The security of the site is more important i think than how cosmetic it is.  
The only thing I would say is that it could be a bit easier to wander around 
in and find things.

Cosmetically i don't give a stuff what it looks like.


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>>Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Ultimately, if e-gold decides to
>>redesign their site, I think they should get a group of 5-10 newbies and
>>videotape them trying to use it.   In the meantime, I've created an informal
>>survey--if you want to express your preference for either's 
>>site design or the mockup (,
>A bold attempt Chris, but I think it looks horrible!
>I think this fuss about e-gold web site is somewhat misplaced ... it
>looks fine, the illustration is professional, etc.
>The secondary pages are a bit of a jumble .. but so what?   No user
>in the history of the web has ever clicked on a secondary page :)
>Leave design to professional designers.
>(And they're expensive.  I'm sure the boys at e-gold will spend money
>on that when profits make it possible.)
>> please go to
>>the following site and answer the survey question:
>"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
>  upon the support of Paul."  --  George Bernard Shaw
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