I'm pleased to announce the deployment this afternoon of 3PGold, a new
service from 3PSecure.com, Ltd.  3PGold will allow sovereign investors to
buy and sell gold with the three P's of financial Privacy, asset
Protection, and maximum Profit.  Your gold will be held in allocated
storage in multiple warehouses throughout the world, and we welcome and
encourage physical delivery in increments of one ounce.

3PGold's personnel, records, and database server are all in our office in
the Commonwealth of Dominica, a country in the West Indies with extremely
civilized regulations concerning financial privacy -- your information is
safe with us.  In addition, we'll hold monthly third party audits of our
warehouses and servers so that you can rest assured that your gold is

We charge a premium from three to five percent on selling gold to you, and
buy gold back from you at the current spot price on demand.  There are no
storage fees with 3PGold.  We currently exclusively accept bank wires as

3PGold is not a payment system and does not compete with e-gold.  However,
of particular interest to e-gold enthusiasts may be that a 3PGold account
can serve as the backing of a new gold based payment system.  In fact, we
encourage the use of 3PGold for this and will be offering open source gold
based payment system software by the end of the month as a free download
to any interested party.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Best Regards,

-=Steve Foerster=-

Stephen H. Foerster, COO
3PSecure.com, Ltd.
PGP key: http://www.3PGold.com/pgp.html

Buy and sell gold in an environment of financial 
Privacy, asset Protection, and maximum Profit!


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