After consultation with some ad industry people, the winning banner is #11 !

Congratulations "mtmc" ... banana will send you 5 grams of gold!  #12 
(same entrant) seemed to be about the popular choice, too.

Some thoughts on the ads (in case there's another banner contest!)

(*) some of the concepts were catchy or fun (say 16 or 7), but, they 
didn't really EXPLAIN the product.  When you're doing a "launch" ad 
that introduces a completely new idea, generally you have to TEACH 
the viewer what the thing is about.  If you're promoting coke v. 
pepsi it's different (peope already know what "a soft drink" is) but 
an entirely novel product needs to be explained somewhat, AS WELL AS 
have a catchy concept.  thus the example banner #1 did that, and the 
winner was the only other one really that did so.

(*) controversy .. personally I like ads that have a "contrversial" 
headline; almost all products have some controversial aspect yuou can 
capitalize on to make a catchy headline. #10 was good like that, too!

(*) Clarity.  the winning ad (like say #8) clearly featured the 
actual logo, etc, you knew easily what the ad was for.  there is a 
handy saying in advertising "tell them what you're going to tell 
them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them!"  You can't 
be clear enough.

(*) Design.  Although it wasn't a design contest, #11 is probably the 
best design.  Note that the ad very simply uses I think Times and 
then Helvetica.  Some of the other banners use all sorts of tricky 
type, type that changes size,  colored type, animated type, etc etc. 
It's worth nothing that 99 times out of 100, professional mega-famous 
designers use Helvetica or Times. There's a reason for that!

Congratulations to the winner and everyone who entered!!!

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