At 7:19 AM +1100 3/11/01, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>If you have a PHOTO OF THE e-gold STICKER ON YOUR CAR, anywhere in 
>the world, send the image to me and bananagold will send a GRAM OF 
>GOLD to the first five people who respond within 5 days!
>       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another cool contest from JP! If anyone needs an e-gold sticker, I'll
snail one for you. The best placement for cars is on the side at eye
level, rather than on bumpers, due to the small size of the stickers
(which was due to the Scrooge McDuck mind, if not budget, of the
sticker-buyer -- me). 

I just got some LOVELY Icegold brochures. They really work making
the point that e-gold is "World Wide Money," due to the Estonian all
over them. :^) Again, if any other market makers have brochures, I'd
love to get a few. I'll also try to get a photo of the sticker on Gitgold's
door, it looks cool next to all the stickers for plastic. 

Anyway, I'll toss in another 5 grams, too, so now it's the first 10 who
respond to JP's contest that get a gram. 

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